The Historical Place GOUR
14 km south of Malda- contains footprints of Sri Chaitanya on stone.
Bara Sona Masjid
Half a kilometre from Ramkeli, it is also called Baro Duari Masjid.

It was, started by Allaudin Shah and completed by his son, Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah in 1526.

The Indo-Arabic style of architecture and the ornamental stone carvings make Baroduari a special attraction for tourists.

Dakhil Darwaza
Built in 1425 and also known as Salami Darwaza it was once the main entry for the fort. It is more than 21 metres high and 34.5 metres wide.
Gumti Darwaza
Unlike Dakhil Darwaza and Kotwali Darwaza, it has a square plan and it is one of the east gates leading to the Gaur castle. Towers at both ends have only their basements, but the existing towers at the either sides of the central arch-shape entrance, with big domes on the roofs, make this comparatively small gate look imposing. Some scholars connect this building with an inscription marking a founding date of 1512. However, the connection has not been confirmed. Dr. C. Asher adopts a name "Gumti Darwaza".

Feroze Minar
A kilometre away from Dakhil Darwaja, it was built by Sultan Saifuddin Feroze Shah during 1485-89.

26 metres high and 19 metres in circumference, it resembles the Qutub Minar of Delhi.

Chika Masjid

Sultan Yusuf Shah built the Chika Mosque in 1475.

The beautifully ornate carvings on the walls and the images of Hindu idols on the stonework of doors and lintels are still partly visible.

Kadam Rasul
Half a kilometre from the Feroze Minar, this mosque was built by Sultan Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah in 1530.It contains the footprints of Hazrat Muhammad on stone.

Tomb of Fateh Khan
Opposite the Kadam Rasul Mosque this 17th century tomb of a commander of Aurangzeb's army is an interesting structure, built in the Hindu chala style.
Tantipara Masjid
A short distance away has intricate terracotta work.

Lukochuri Darwaza
Located to the south-east of the Kadam Rasul Mosque, this is a place where the sultans played hide and seek with the begums.There is a difference of opinion as to who built this gate, some say that Shah Shuja built it in 1655, others opine that it was built by Allauddin Hussein Shah in 1522. The innovative architectural style makes it an interesting place to visit.
The Historical Place PANDUA

Pandua is situated 15 km north of Malda town.  The Following are tourist Place of Pandua.
Adina Masjid
Built in 1369 by Sultan Sikander Shah it was one of the largest mosques in India. Carved basalt masonry from earlier Hindu temples is said to have also been used

Qutab Shahi Masjid
Locally known as the Chhoto Sona Masjid, built to honour Saint Nur Qutab-ul-Alam.
The ruins of his shrine are nearby, along with that of Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal Tabrizi, collectively known as the Bari Darga

Eklakhi Tomb
It is the most elegant monument in Pandua, with a carved Ganesh on the doorway. It is a tomb of the son of a Hindu Raja, who converted to Islam.