Heritage in Englishbazar:-

Malda is a base for visiting Gaur and Pandua. Gaur, capital to three dynasties of ancient Bengal – the Buddhist Palas, the Hindu Senas and the Muslim Nawabs – has seen three distinct eras of glory. Pandua, once the alternate seat of power to Gaur, has the third largest concentration of Muslim monuments in Bengal.

There is a museum at Malda that houses the archaeological finds at Gaur and Pandua.

Gaur: Historical relics of 14th and 15th century Bengal particularly worth seeing are the Bara Sona Mosque, Dakhil Darwajah (built in 1425), Qadam Rasul Mosque, Lattan Mosque and the ruins of the extensive fortification. There are colourful enamelled tiles on the Gomti Gate and Firoz Minar.

Pandua: The impressive Muslim architecture includes the vast Adina Mosque built in 1369 by Sikander Shah. It was one of the largest mosques in India, built over a Hindu temple, and has 378 small domes. Nearby is the Eklakhi mausoleum (built at a princely cost of one lakh rupees) and several smaller mosques.


The following proposals are identified by the Municipality for the conservation of the old structures. Some of the structures may be considered as heritage structures.

·    Protection of Graveyard at district hospital, Malda.

  • Renovation of G.T. School (Old building).
  • Renovation with inscription of white stone plate of S.P Bunglow (erected by Thomas Henchman in 1779).
  • Renovation of Dutch Kuthi opposite shibram Bhavan, Malda.
  • Renovation of Old CMOH office (Sir Gorge Post Office).
  • Protection of Bibi Pond opposite Gazal Taxi Stand.
  • Protection wall of graveyard at CMOH office.
  • Erection of Inscrition at Brindaboni Mano tree (1771).
  • Renovation of Old Circuit house (established in 1825).
  • Recognition of New Duckbunglow building as heritage structure.